Saturday, September 8, 2012

Change Has Come

Well blog readers, September is finally here.  I feel like time is flying down here in Florida and I wish it would slow down!  I’ve been working quite a bit and spending time off in the parks.  Last week I went to Typhoon Lagoon (I have a bit of obsession with the lazy river), went resort hopping (love Animal Kingdom Lodge – it’s gorgeous!), and visited Magic Kingdom, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios.  Somehow my days off are always very busy, haha.  Since school has started the crowds have let up considerably.  Most afternoons we have about a 10 minute wait or less; it’s insane!  You can actually walk through the parks now and most attractions don’t have too long of a wait, which is a beautiful thing.  With September comes Fall and with Fall comes Halloween!  The Magic Kingdom has been completely decorated with scarecrows and pumpkins and lots of fall decorations.  I will have a separate post with some pictures for you all.  Soon Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Parties will be starting, which I’m so looking forward too!

In housing news, we are no longer run by Price Management.  We now have Lincoln Property Control.  I haven’t noticed any differences by the switch yet, but will let you know if anything arises.  We have also had two roommates self-term and go home and have since gotten two new International College Programers from Panama.  And in more exciting news:  we have a television and dvd player!  Hello food network and all your wonderfulness…  it is a glorious thing.  

I guess I shall wrap up this post.  I’m working from 6:45 – 1:30 tonight during Night of Joy, a contemporary Christian music festival.  It should be called Nightmare of Joy.  There are a ton of teenagers, lots of screaming and yelling, and much more craziness.  So glad I get to do it again tonight…  Well folks, have a magical and joyous evening!

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