Friday, July 20, 2012

Apartment Inspections

Once every few weeks or so, our apartments get inspected.  This means that everyone starts grabbing cleaning supplies and borrowing the vacuum from the clubhouse, which creates a bit of a frenzy.  We had our inspection on the 5th, so the majority of us cleaned on the 4th.  Both of our showers were clogged (ew), so we bought a huge thing of draino.  It was pretty funny when the draino even wouldn’t go down the drain… we let it sit there for a while and it finally started to unclog.  We scrubbed the bathroom and kitchen, then vacuumed and dusted everything.  Our apartment was very clean, but not sparkling (where is Cinderella when you need her? Haha). 

I was home when the inspectors stopped by.  They come in, walk around, spray some bug nonsense, and fill out a form.  The three of them were probably in here less than 5 minutes.  Since our apartment was in pretty good shape (our oven needed more cleaning apparently), we were given these…

Yum!  Next time I’m aiming for the chocolates though… :D  


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  2. Hi there! Thanks so much for reading! I just added a subscription button near the bottom. Hopefully that will work; just let me know if it doesn't!