Sunday, July 29, 2012

Property Control and Cast Connections

These are two stores only for cast members.  Both are located near Magic Kingdom costuming in the back of the parking lot.  Property Control sells damaged merchandise from all around the Walt Disney World Resort and lost and found items that were never claimed.  Most of the time, there isn’t much wrong with the items and everything is 75% off!  You can buy a ton of nonsense and only spent a few dollars.  I love this store and so does my wallet.  Cast Connections sells merchandise that is out of season or outdated.  They also sell items for their regular price along with groceries, dishes, Christmas trees, furniture, and so much more.  This store is much bigger and offers a lot more, but is more expensive than Property Control.  You can still get some great deals and buy groceries all at the same time!  Talk about productivity.  Over the past month I’ve bought the following items…

Oh yes... I totally made the mistake of wearing that necklace when I went to the parks. I didn't wear sunscreen, so I have this lovely burn on my chest complete with a white necklace mark. It's quite fantastic if I do say so myself.

Pretty awesome, eh?  Love CM discounts. 

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  1. Love the bargains!! Glad you are feeling better. That's no fun but at least you had a way to get some meds.

    Still loving your dining updates!

    If you want to PM me your schedule on the Dis Board once you have it for August 18th through the 2 weeks beyond, I would love to stop by Splash Mt and say hi!!

    Take care,
    Brenda (emmysmommy)