Monday, August 13, 2012

Disney College Program Classes

There are three different types of classes:

1.  Collegiate Courses – these are taken for credit (if approved by your school).  They are going to involve purchasing a textbook, writing papers, and doing assignments.

2.  Exploration Series – these will teach you more about the Walt Disney Company.  They require a lot of participation, but have no homework or tests.

3.  Professional Development Studies – these are major-specific and are reserved for students in these majors (engineering, business, finance, theater, law enforcement, etc).  They will have homework, exams, and the like.

Since I have already graduated, I don’t need to take any of the classes for credit; aka, hello exploration series.  When we first arrived, we have received multiple emails stating that course registration would begin on June 25th.  Just kidding everyone, registration actually started a few days before.  Since I wasn’t on my computer as soon as registration opened, the class I really wanted to take, Exploring Disney Heritage, was full :(  I did request to be placed on a waitlist.  Since the exploration series is free, I decided to sign up for another class just in case the other one didn't work out.  I choose Exploring Guest Service!  This class is held once a week for 2 hours in Chatham (very convenient!), starting in October and ending in December right before the Christmas rush.  Fast forward to August 6th...  I opened my email and discovered that there is an empty seat in the Heritage class!!!!!  I was so pumped when I read that!  This was the one class that I really wanted to take, so I was ecstatic that I got in :D 

Any class is definitely going to be an asset and skill builder, so I’m very excited for both of these to start.  This is a great opportunity to network and meet Disney leaders, so I would definitely recommend taking classes if you have the chance.  If anyone has any questions about classes, let me know!       

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