Monday, August 6, 2012

Cast Member vs. Guest

I find it really east to switch from Cast Member mode to Guest mode.  Sure I still want to say happy birthday or happy anniversary to everyone with a button and I want to compulsively check people’s heights and occasionally pick up trash, but other than that I’m good to go.  I know some people think that working at Disney will ruin the magic, but I don’t think it does at all.  Sure you may see a princess putting her dress on backstage or see Woody putting his boots on, but when you visit as a guest, that’s still Cinderella and that’s still Woody.

I absolutely love the fact that I can go visit the parks whenever I want.  I honestly can’t even tell you the last day that I didn’t go to the Magic Kingdom.  Even though I work there, I still go there on my days off or even in the mornings before work.  I love just walking around, getting ice cream, and playing the Sorcerer game (way too addicting).  The only bad thing about visiting the parks is that I usually end up spending money, haha.  Most people I know spend their paychecks away and don’t save anything.  If you budget wisely, however, and only go out to eat once a week and don’t buy too much merchandise, you can easily save money.  So far I’ve saved about $500 in a month and a half; not too shabby.  All this talk about the Magic Kingdom makes me want to go there for a nice, refreshing ice cream sundae from the Plaza.  Oh look – I don’t work until later this evening, guess I’ll make a quick stop there before work. ;) See you folks later! 

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