Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Things People Say


1. Fastlane
2. Fasttrack
3. Speedpass
4. Speedlane
5. Speedtrack
6. Flashpass (my personal favorite)

Maybe we should start calling them Splashpasses?

Rider Switch
1. Baby Swap
2. Baby Exchange
3. Baby Pass
4. Switch-A-Roo


“Was this ride based on the Jungle Book? Isn’t that where all the giraffes and elephants are from?”

“Where was the big drop?”

“Was that Bugs Bunny?”

"Am I going to get wet?" (I love this question, especially when it's raining outside...)

"Since when did you change the track? I liked the other one better."

"Are they building Everest over in Fantastyland?"

"Do you work here?"

Yup, these were all serious questions. And then you get to play the lovely game of charades with all the people that don’t speak English. It’s quite a sight. Haha

Cute Story 

I was at Fastpass return the other day and needed to measure a little boy.He stood up nice and tall for me and I told him that was good to go.He looked so happy and said “I’m so tall because I’ve been eating allllll my vegetables every night!”It was so adorable!You should have seen all the parents waiting in line… that boy totally melted their hearts.

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