Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Have I Gone Mad?

The Disney College Program is constantly on my mind.  I’m always dreaming about life as a Cast Member and all the opportunities I am going to have.  Purchasing and packing items; filling out forms; chatting with future roommates; reading past CPer’s blogs; the list goes on and on.  Disney is continuously on my mind as I patiently countdown the days until June 11th.

Normally when something is on my mind a lot, I tend to have strange dreams.  This would occur during college when I had an unfinished physics assignment or Fortran program due.  During those nights I was very restless and had dreams about never finishing the assignment and failing the course.  I’d wake up suddenly with a sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach and after a few minutes finally realize that it was just a dream.  I’d fall back asleep only to have the same thing happen again… ugh.

Last night I kept having dreams about the Disney College Program.  I can’t remember them now; I only know they weren’t as worrisome as those silly dreams about failed physics homework.  Well, I semi-woke up after one of those dreams and decided I needed to send a text message:  a text message to DisneyCP.  I grabbed my iPhone and clicked on text messages and tried to type in DisneyCP.  Of course I was still basically asleep, so it came out something like wnasdim.  I knew that was completely wrong, so I tried again, and again and finally managed to type out disneycp.  But, the letters weren’t capitalized!  So, I erased that nonsense and after a few more tries successfully typed out DisneyCP.  Whew… then I tried to click “send,” which didn’t work for reasons unbeknownst to my semi-conscious self.  Nevertheless, even though I hadn’t typed a message, I still tried to send one.  After many unsuccessful attempts, I became frustrated, gave up, and promptly fell back asleep. 

I woke up this morning, with absolutely no recollection of this.  Later on, I went to send a text message and saw one addressed to DisneyCP.  Then it all came back to me…  And so I ask you, am I as mad as a hatter?

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