Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You’re Not Absolem. I’m Absolem.

Time for the obligatory “about me” post. Well just in case you missed out earlier, I’m Betsy. I just graduated from college with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics, along with a minor in Physics. During college I was a Teaching Assistant for an Intro Physics Lab and a Peer Leader for a Business Statistics Class. I really enjoyed both of these positions and had some truly awesome students. I am 21 years old and will be turning 22 at the end of July. I currently reside in Virginia, however I am originally from northern New York. And no, “northern NY” does not mean Buffalo or Albany; it means 10 minutes from the Canadian border – yup, it is freezing up there! The cold weather and constant snow in the winter was one of the contributing factors in my family’s decision to leave the north country and head down to warm, sunny Virginia. Oh! And one more thing I ought to mention - my favorite color is pink. My dorm room was basically an explosion of pink, along with most of my wardrobe. My friends could always recognize me in a crowd based on my pink shirts or pink jacket. I’m not really sure how I’ve accumulated so much pink over the years… :P

When I was little, my favorite movie of all time was The Lion King. I loved the characters, the songs, the plot, everything; I had a Simba hat, stuffed animals, tiny Simba and Nala figurines, and a Lion King t-shirt. This remained my favorite movie until 2003. Does anyone know what Disney movie came out then? Yes, reader in the back. Pirates of the Caribbean you say? Well, that is absolutely correct! Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Black Pearl was released and I’ve been hooked ever since. I absolutely love Johnny Depp and I adore pirates, so combining them into one epic film was a win-win! I have watched the first three movies so many times that I’ve lost track over the years and I have them mostly memorized word-for-word (I am ashamed to admit that I have only watched the fourth one around 6 times…). Then Princess and the Frog came out, as well as Tangled, and I fell in love with both of those films too. In case you were wondering, my favorite male Disney characters are Captain Jack Sparrow, Flynn Rider, and Prince Naveen. ;)

I first visited Walt Disney World when I was only 3 years old.Ever since then, my family has traveled down to WDW at least once a year, adding up to total of 25 trips; my most recent one was from May 6th – 13th.This past trip was extra magical because my best friend joined us - we had a blast!Whenever I return to Walt Disney World I immediately feel like I have arrived at home.Once we reach the end of a trip, I begin to count the days until we can return to the most magical place on earth.

My favorite park is the Magic Kingdom, which houses three of my favorite attractions (Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain) and the Dapper Dans, a barbershop quartet.Speaking of pirates and quartets, I ought to mention that Rusty Cutlass is my favorite band ever!Rusty Cutlass is a pirate band that sings sea shanties and traditional Irish tunes.I first saw them at a Pirate and Princess Party in the Magic Kingdom in 2007 and saw them at a Pirate Festival last year in North Carolina.Most of the members work at Walt Disney World; some as members of the Dapper Dans, one as a Citizen of Main Street, and another as a performer at Animal Kingdom. They are truly an amazing group of singers, with some truly epic songs.Oops, I seem to have gone off on a tangent…Returning to the topic of WDW, some of my other favorite attractions include Soarin’, Tower of Terror, and Finding Nemo -The Musical.I absolutely love all four theme parks and could easily spend all my time just walking around soaking up the atmosphere.

Something else you all should be aware of – I am a total geek. During college, I would spend the majority of my time in the library, especially during finals week. I always tried to perfect my assignments and put an incredible amount of effort into my work. I also love to read and write; one of my favorite non-math classes at college was Creative Writing – such a great experience! Although I studied hard throughout my college career, during my last semester my time at the library began to decrease. It was then that one of my best friends introduced me to billiards. Since then I tried to practice as much as possible, and even entered two tournaments. My friend even gave me an Adam pool cue as a graduation gift – totally legit.

Let’s see, we’ve covered my obsession with Disney, my favorite color, my love of Captain Jack Sparrow and all things piratical, my geekiness, billiards… anything else? Oh yes! I LOVE puns! I think I’m a pretty witty person, so I will close this post with a joke.

What do you call a cow that has just given birth?


So good, right? I am hardcore laughing right now, and I hope you are too! Well, I guess that’s it for now. My next few posts will be all about the application and interview process. Thanks for joining in and have a magical night!

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