Friday, June 22, 2012

Chatham Apartment

I just realized that I’ve never shown you my apartment!  Silly me…  Without further ado, here are some pictures for your enjoyment:


    Pool / Tennis Courts

    Sand Vollyball

    Picnic Area




    Dining Room

    Living Room



    Half Bath


Hello low water pressure. Seriously, the water pressure is terrible here. Oh, and the drain isn’t very drainy; the water tends to back up…  Same is true for the shower.

I love living in Chatham!  It is so nice to have a bus stop right nearby; especially if you're running a little late to work.  Also, the buses are not completely reliable.  Make sure you find the bus that will get you to work on time and take the one before it.  Yesterday the A bus never came, so I had to wait and take the B bus (both go to MK).  Since I was going to work early, I got there with plenty of time to spare.  

Another thing about the MK bus is that you have to take the bus to one of the resorts, then take the monorail or boat into the MK if you want to visit the park.  Since we can't use the utilidor to enter the MK unless we are working, we have to go there the roundabout way.  

Since there are 8 of us living together, there are 4 bedrooms. 2 bedrooms are connected together by sharing a bathroom (sorry, no picture). Even though there are 8 of us, I hardly ever seen everyone and the only time we are all here is late at night when everyone is asleep. The nice thing about living in a 4 bedroom is the extra refrigerator. If you can't decide between a 3 or 4 bedroom, choose the 4 - definitely worth it, even though it costs the same.   

If anyone has any questions about housing or the bus system, let me know!  Have a magical day!  :D   


  1. Hi Betsy,

    Still enjoying your blog! I really like that you have pictures and also that you are honest- you are telling it how it is and I really appreciate that. I have heard that Disney college folks work very, very hard. I guess you will adjust to it soon enough!

    Keep on posting!

  2. Thanks again Leeann! Yes indeed. CPs work incredibly hard; there are a lot of long, late hours and we deal with some very interesting guests. Helping people makes it all worth it though. This is such a fantastic experience and I'm so glad I got this opportunity!

  3. Replies
    1. There are 11 different buses to take you all around property. Some buses just go to a few resorts, while others go to a park and the surrounding resorts. For example, one of the buses stops at the Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary, and Magic Kingdom. There is another bus that goes to Walmart and the post office, while another will take you to the mall once a week. The usually aren't on time, so make sure you take that into account when going anywhere.