Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Florida Mall and Grocery Bingo

I had yesterday off, so I went to the Florida Mall with two of my roommates.  Wow, this mall is huge!  I didn’t end up buying too much – just a new screen cover for my iPhone and two bottles of nail polish.  I found this super cute bag at forever 21 that was navy blue and covered with anchors (LOVE nautical themed stuff), but it was $20.  I might buy it later once I have saved up more money.  Oh, and the buses only go to the mall once a week on certain days, depending on the month. 

After the mall we decided to go to Grocery Bingo.  This is an event held at The Commons, which is the international housing complex.  It is open to all college program participants and it is FREE.  We got there 20 minutes after it has started and the entire place was packed.  All the seats inside the clubhouse were taken and there were a ton of people gathering around outside the door in a patio type area. 

Once we had made our way through the crowd, we grabbed our bingo cards and proceeded to play!  They did some classic bingo, fill the entire card, make a plus sign in the middle, etc.  I kept coming very close to winning, especially on filling the entire card.  While we were playing some of the Cast Members running the program came out and gave away water bottles and little wallets.  My roommate was lucky enough to grab one – they were so cute!

Around 30 minutes before bingo was supposed to end, we started a game where we had to make a square around the outer edge.  As we got closer and closer to someone winning people started cheering and making a lot of noise.  Eventually I only had one more spot to fill.  I heard the girl call out a number, but I couldn’t quite hear her due to all the noise, especially since someone had just called out a bingo.  I asked the girl next to me what was called and she said B12.  Well, guess what?  That was my final spot!  I made my way to the front of the clubhouse, had the CM check over my card, and proceeded to get my free groceries!  Two other people actually won with me, so we all had our picture taken together – maybe I’ll end up on one of their slideshows, haha.  

Here are my winnings!

I love Bingo!  If you are a CP make sure you check out Grocery Bingo.  It’s free and a great way to meet people and win some free food. 

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