Friday, June 1, 2012

Countdown to Disney! ~ Day 10

Favorite Original Character:  Mickey Mouse 

The mouse that started it all.  In 1928, Walt Disney was returning home on a train from New York to California.  He was devastated after learning that he no longer owned the copyright to his cartoon, Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  It was during this train ride that Mickey came to him in his moment of need.  At first he named the mouse “Mortimer,” but Walt’s wife, Lillian, suggested the name “Mickey” instead.  Walt, himself, provided the voice for Mickey in all of his cartoons up until World War II.

Mickey is always enthusiastic and adventurous, albeit a bit shy at times.  His personality constantly shines through in every situation:  from Steamboat Willie to The Moving Day to Brave Little Tailor.  He is one gosh darn adorable mouse!  

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