Thursday, June 14, 2012


I had my Traditions class yesterday at 2 pm.  We needed to be by the bus stop at 12:45, but the bus didn’t actually arrive until around 1:00.  Disney University is quite a lovely building; one that I’ve wanted to go to for a long time.  The walls are filled with Disney Legends and some of the work they have done.

Once we had waited a bit longer, we were checked in and given our Disney ID!  Hallelujah!  You are then brought to a classroom where you sit at a table with four other people and at one point I even became our Team Leader (pretty spiffy, huh?).  I can’t talk about too much that we did here, but I will tell you that part of it is informational (safety, ethics codes, company guidelines, etc.) and kind of dull, but the rest is amazing!  I know some people don’t like Traditions, but I loved it.  A few tips:  make sure you wear good walking shoes and participate in class.  Near the end, our name badges were delivered by a very special guest!!  All in all I’d say Traditions is definitely something to look forward to.   

My dream of becoming a Disney Cast Member has finally come true.  A pretty exciting first day of work if you ask me.
Once the class ended I caught a bus back to Chatham, which arrived around 7:00.  I ate a quick dinner of Kraft mac and cheese, then went to the Magic Kingdom with a couple of my roommates.  I also met up with another girl that I met at Traditions after Wishes.  We only had time to ride a few attractions (Barnstomer, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Big Thunder Mountain), but had a fantastic time nonetheless!  It was a great feeling to enter the Magic Kingdom as a Cast Member for the first time.  Today I’m going to go to Hollywood Studios with one of my roommates, then wake up extra early tomorrow for training, which starts at 7:15.  So pumped.

 Hope you all have a very magical day!  

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